Q. How is the performance of a driver affected by the tape on the face when fitting?

A. Robotic testing has shown that there is no measurable difference with face tape on or off, in terms of ball speed, sidespin, and launch angle. Backspin increases 500 to 700 rpm. When using launch monitors in the fitting process, use the average of the increased spin for adjustment in calculating the optimum spin rate desired for a particular player.

Q. How many clubs can I protect with one box of Ghost Tape for Drivers?

A. Each box protects 100 clubs.

Q. What do I get in each box of Ghost Tape for Drivers?

A. Each box contains three rolls of tape with special precut decals for easy application. You will get one roll of top, one roll of face, and one roll of bottom, plus one free trim knife.

Q. Why is the Iron Tape different than the Driver Tape?

A. Iron Tape is superior in strength to withstand the ball impact into iron face grooves.

Q. What is the Big Foot?

A. Big Foot is an individual roll of 50 supersized XXL bottom decals to complement our standard Driver/Fairway 460cc Driver Box. The extra-large soles of some drivers may require the Big Foot for total coverage.

Q. What color is the tape?

A. Ghost Tape is clear and virtually invisible when applied.

Q. How long can I leave the tape on before I need to change it for the next demo?

A. We recommend leaving the tape on for 70 to 100 hits. If after the first demo the club has only been hit approximately 20 to 30 times, leave the tape on for the next demo to keep your cost per application down.

Q. Is Ghost Tape easy to apply?

A. Yes! Anyone in your shop can easily apply Ghost Tape to a club. It’s an easy 1-2-3 process and can be done in less than one minute. Just peel and stick. View our instructional video.

Q. Is Ghost Tape easy to remove?

A. Yes! Our tape removes very easily and leaves no residue under normal usage.

Q. A potential customer just returned a club that was out way too long on demo, actually over a month. The tape removed very easily and the club was still in perfect condition, except for some residue that remained on the club. What can I use to safely remove it?

A. No problem. Normal grip solvent and a soft cloth will quickly and easily clean the club. Another great product we recommend is Goof Off, the ultimate cleaner, which can be found in hardware, auto supply, and paint stores.

Q. Will Ghost Tape cover any size Driver?

A. Yes! Our product is designed to fit all the largest heads on the market. For fairway woods, you may want to trim the extra tape for a neater appearance.

Q. Can I buy just one roll of tape?

A. Yes! Many of our customers purchase an additional roll of the top piece to help in pricing their clubs. Just apply a top decal on the shaft near the grip, put your pricing label on top, and rub firmly for a good seal. When the club is sold, you now have an easy way to remove your pricing label. You can also use the top piece to protect the bottom of wedges and putters from shop wear / carpet burn.