Driver, Fairway & Hybrid Box

Each driver, fairway, and hybrid box comes complete with three rolls of tape (one roll for the top, one for the face, and one for the bottom). Each roll contains 100 decals. The fairway box contains 50 decals per roll. The driver boxes will also contain a trim knife to trim any excess tape.

  1. Apply peel-off clear die-cut top decal—overlap face just slightly.
  2. Apply peel-off clear die-cut face decal—overlap bottom just slightly.
  3. Apply peel-off clear die-cut bottom decal.

When applying, rub firmly to eliminate any air bubbles. The more you use Ghost Tape, the better you will become at applying it.

For an extra-neat job, you can carefully score the edges with a sharp package knife during each step above. On the sole of the club, it is generally important to cover the high areas where abrasion may occur during demo. When you are busy, you only need to follow the 1-2-3 application and get your equipment out the door in seconds!

After one demo (20 to 35 hits), you may wish to leave Ghost Tape on the club for a second demo. If used for more than 100 hits, you will want to remove the Ghost Tape and apply new tape for your next demo.

When applying to fairway woods, trimming is generally recommended. With a little practice, you will become very proficient very fast.


  1. Apply under dry conditions to a clean iron head.
  2. Lay decal onto face and rub firmly to eliminate any air bubbles.
  3. Grab outside edges of the remaining tape with thumb and forefinger, stretching slightly while wrapping tape down to the bottom sole.
  4. Rub firmly to secure a good bond.
  5. The decal can generally handle 15 to 25 bunker shots, 25 to 35 fairway shots.
  6. In the bunker, it may be useful to wipe the face clean or remove sand on the face by hand between shots. Results may vary depending on sand conditions at your course.



Use top decals prior to applying price stickers for easy removal with no residue.